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Right as always these threads go off and the **** starts coming out.

Andy don’t forget nothing is perfect in either HFT or FT.
I don’t normally bring these things up but remember that Pete had to condemn quite a few targets on the Friday at Anston as they wasn’t to the format, you may not agree with the UKAHFT format or rules but they are there to be followed and both you and Anston agreed to host a round under these guidelines and should abide by them.
Some people are complaining about the stoppages believe me if the course wasn’t vetted and changed then you would of seen real complaints.
I’m sure in FT if the format wasn’t followed then would be the same, shooters who travel 100 of miles to shoot an over range or targets that can’t be seen from the position they are set out for i.e prone or in FT sitting they would be really ******.