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Whoah, let's puts the estrogen down a second chaps!

Gary, you made a mistake, the faulty target you descried earlier in this thread was fine, like I said earlier on there's no shame in that. It points out to the less experienced shooters how unlikely a target is to be faulty when the experienced chaps such as you get it wrong. Hopefully it'll put someone off trying to claim points off a miss.

Unless you were actually trying it on, I don't consider you anything other than a somebody who I enjoying taking the **** with - Read that statement again, slowly.

I think there's a problem with a few people calling targets and trying to weasel a point, it's one of the things that's turned me off shooting. The only way I can see to solve it is for the blaggers to sort their **** out and accept they can actually miss because they aren't as good as they think they are. Can anything be done to stop it people trying their luck, which is fairer than the current method? I think public **** taking and peer pressure is the way to stop this sort of behavior, it has to be controlled by the shooters and not the organisers.