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Chris, I am not spouting bollox or digging a hole. If I chose not to discuss my target, that is my decision and my right. If you asked me about another shooter, I would not give you that information either.

I chose not to discuss the target I called, because this thread is meant to be about the Anston round and not about whether I missed a 15mm.

Ryan made the following statement.

Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Let's face it the top lads know they miss and accept it, the also rans and those hungry for a decent score at all costs are the most likely to try it on in my experience.
As I am not a top shot, then I must fall into one of the other categories, I personally think I fall into the catagorie of a shooter who calls a target when he needs to and is happy to accept the decision of the marshal, just like I did on Sunday.

Finally, I thought the Anston shoot was great and I really enjoyed it.

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