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Seeing as we are talking about calling targets, here's my two penneth worth:

In all my HFT events, I have called three targets as I recall, one of them at a recent Juniper Scotland/England shoot which was a supported stander and I watched my pellet hit it clean in the middle, called it and target was faulty. It wasnt falling over if you hit it with a hammer.

Before that, worlds this year, in the woods course, and it was a duck of doom cant remember the number, one of my shooting partners shot it before me and hit it and it didn't go down but didn't want to call it as he had called one already. Bearing this in mind i was very careful about watching the pellet the whole way and watched it hit virtually dead centre. There were a few people heard it (the ducks do sound different when you hit them).

I called it, the on duty marshall went up and checked it and it passed with flying colours. Did it annoy me, no, in all honesty its hard enough marshalling as it is, its not his fault if it goes over. I know people are there to enjoy themselves. Trust me I want to win as much as the next guy (hard to believe i know) but these are the rules that make this sport what it is and as such I accept that 100%, I know I hit the thing but it is irrelevant if it doesn't fall and passes the chillichecker.

Lets put a bit of perspective on this guys, none of us get paid to do this for a living, its a sport or a hobby and we all love it and have agreed to abide by the rules as they are written at this time otherwise we all wouldn't spend a small fortune trailing all over the uk to take part.

It takes a bit of balls to call a target, and shouldn't be taken lightly, I wouldn't unless im 99% sure i have hit it (im never 100% sure of anything). If i have not watched the pellet the whole way and strike clearly in the killzone i wont call it.

Incidentally the other target I called was completely frozen solid!

Just my opinion and Im sure others will disagree.
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