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I've wanted to mention the croc target ever since i got back home last sunday evening but as this is only my second U.K.s season and still a bit of a novice i thought twice about giving my opinion and possibly upsetting more experienced shooters,but now that its out in the open i would just like to say i shot this target in the comp and thought ( as i saw ) that i was on for a kill, but the pellet dropped just below, in the evening there was no wind ( yes i was one of those campers ) so i went round the course again, armed with the fact that i short ranged the croc thefirst time i give it a full 45 yds this time and down it went and a further three consecutive times it went down, i also followed round with two anston lads later and they felled it without a problem. I would just like say in the light of all the posts on here as regards target calling, when your nowhere near the problem target and your standing round waiting yes it is a pain in the butt, but if string is broken it takes time to repair etc, etc, i,m not experienced enough to call a target if it don't go down i missed it, but i do know that all Anstons targets went down that evening (maybe not the first time) but they did when i eventually hit them.
ATB Alan.