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Been busy earning a living , so only just sat down to have a peep at this .
Eyup pete again , to answer your question regarding how many times did i actually miss the kill zone then the answer is quite a few ( possibly 8 or 9 ) out of 25 - 30 shots .
No taking the micky now but believe it or not ( i told graham this before i started shooting at it ) i was trying to hit the paddle in the bottom 3rd , where obviously the paddle would take more forcing over due to the leverage system on the nockover targets .As you said the wind was taking the odd shot to the right & either splitting at 5 oclock or blowing them clear of the kill zone for a miss . One thing that was apparant , if you split it you had no chance of the target falling but everyone had the same chance ( unless you were doing 16 ft lbs )Every time i hit the paddle cleanly , it fell .
We seem to be dwelling on the croc shot a hell of a lot & it was a shame it was pulled but there were plenty more targets that were wrongly called , one being the 1 oclock split terget that i mentiond earlier .( not num 21 ) .
I hope this answers your questions adequately , so now instead of us all blowing off about this or that targt would it be a good idea to try & sort the problems out & make the sport better .?
cheers , calps .