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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Chris, The target that I called was the 4th Target I shot and there was only 1 split mark and one total miss, I bracketed the range and I new the elevation and to be honest, there is no way that I should of missed the target.

When I fired, the noise that the target made was not that of a plate and I saw the paddle fly back and then stop as if it had locked in place. This is why I called the target, It is the first target that I have called in 2 years of UKAHFT.

Over the last few years (With a few exceptions) session 1 is finished by 1pm and session 2 usually starts by 1.30pm and we are all normally finished by 5pm and on our way home. I think it is a testament to the skill of the marshaling team and the organisers that we manage to get 200 shooters through 30 targets safely in 8 hours.

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Was the target faulty after checking Gary?