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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Sorry you feel this way Chris but if you choose not to shoot UKAHFT then fair enough, you should however consider how many stoppages are actually for called targets & how many are for other reasons.

We won't be posting the names of the shooters who call the targets, as I've already stated anyone calling targets on a regular basis is spoken too by Pete or myself & this rarely happens.

Here are the details of the stoppages at Anston & Emley :

Anston - 11 Stoppages

2 x Crocodile, target pulled on the 2nd stoppage
1 x target not resetting
3 x String caught or broken
5 x hits claimed but target found to be working when checked

Emley - 11 Stoppages

1 x clearing foliage across a target
4 x string caught or broken
1 x target slipped & angled
5 x hits claimed but target found to be working when checked
No worries Pete, Thanks for the feedback. I have to admit that there felt as if there were way more stoppages than 11 at Anston?

I still find it interesting that there were 5 calls for faulty targets at Emley when they were 95% new knockovers.