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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post

What i did notice whilst shooting at it was that my pellets were striking 10 -12 mm low ( possibly due to the air density over water ) so anyone mis ranging the target on the lowside ( it was 41 yds away ) may have split or dropped out at 6 oclock .

Interesting comment that would explain a lot . Now I'm no expert or top shot, but had a few shots at the alligator on the Sunday. Not knowing the distance I guessed it to be between 35-40 yards (need to improve my rangefinding abilities ) so shot it with .25 mil holdover (35 yard) and missed the kill. Shot it again with .5 mil holdover (40 yard) and missed the kill. Third shot downed the target using 1 mil holdover (45 yard). When someone told me later that it was 41 yard I assumed it was down to me or my gun/scope...........never gave the air density over water a thought. Wonder how many others didn't allow for that and shot it at 41 yard and split it or missed the kill.