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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Mick, i think it's true that some shooters should have a good hard look at themselves when it comes to target calling. Some that have posted on here shot the round, didn't enjoy it as they thought they would and have stated that they won't bother again, have a very valid point. New blood is always vital to keep any sport up and running, if we don't bring in new shooters on a regular basis the sport with slowly die.

I personally think something has to be done. I love to shoot HFT and love the UKAHFT rounds as i get to meet and chat with some smashing people.

This isn't any sort of tantrum or anything like that but the target calling at the UKAHFT rounds is getting me down so much that i'm considering knocking it on the head and just doing local HFT and maybe FT winter league. Those that know me will now know how much the target calling is bugging me as it's no secret how much i love to shoot HFT.

Pete D has a valid point though. I don't think a punishment system would work as the UKAHFT or worlds title could balance on the fact that you're sure a target is faulty but calling it could cost you the biggest win of your life. I know we shoot for fun but there's always the challenge to do the best we can.

Maybe posting a list of names and the targets called after each shoot (when the scores are posted) would be the answer. that way a bit of peer pressure and leg pulling at the next shoot might convince some to not just call targets 'because we can' ....and there's no real punitive action taken.

I know Chilly has posted but he called a 15mm kill at Emley. I'm not sure how you can say for sure that you've hit a 15mm kill, especially when you're not the first group to shoot it. I also missed a 15mm at Emley ( a different one to Gary) but couldn't be sure if it was a splitter so didn't stop the shoot.
Sorry you feel this way Chris but if you choose not to shoot UKAHFT then fair enough, you should however consider how many stoppages are actually for called targets & how many are for other reasons.

We won't be posting the names of the shooters who call the targets, as I've already stated anyone calling targets on a regular basis is spoken too by Pete or myself & this rarely happens.

Here are the details of the stoppages at Anston & Emley :

Anston - 11 Stoppages

2 x Crocodile, target pulled on the 2nd stoppage
1 x target not resetting
3 x String caught or broken
5 x hits claimed but target found to be working when checked

Emley - 11 Stoppages

1 x clearing foliage across a target
4 x string caught or broken
1 x target slipped & angled
5 x hits claimed but target found to be working when checked