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I haven't shot a UKAHFT shoot for a while now but I must say when I shot them frequently target calling was just coming in, so to speak.

I'm not entireley sure how rife it is now so please don't rip me a new one for not being current. But it is quite frustrating the amount of targets that are called. Now in my experience you can really only be adamat of a hit if your one of the first to shoot it,that way you can probably see the target in more definition because it hasn't been battered.

Now having split alot of targets I've noticed(and I'm sure others have) that generally it still makes a "full" pellet impact on the kill, now I'm pretty certain in alot of called targets this is the case. True there casn be faulty targets but honestly how often do you get them? Seriously? Every shoot? I don't think so.

In my experience the things that cause faulty targets are:

Poorly constructed home made targets.
That friggin sparrow knock over target placed at a funny angle
String wrapped around the mechanism
Targets placed at daft angles
Something behind the paddle stopping it from falling.
Targets that have been heavily modified(bits added to the face plate)

So really thats about it. But people lets ask ourselves how often you think a simple mechanism can fail? Well maintained targets will work, end of!

Well thats my 5 pence.
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