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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Sorry if ive touched a raw nerve or two with some folk but mearly fetched an idea to the table that a lot of peoplethink would make this competition airgunning world of ours a better place ..
You've not touched a raw nerve at all Andy, I've just answered you as best I can. We currently use what we think is the best & fairest method possible from the experience gained over the years

Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
Eyup pete
The information i was given as the shoot unfolded, was at least 3 people called the target in question before it was pulled ( which is a lot , in my opinion ) obviously not to some regular shooters .As i stated earlier all the targets were extensively shot after the days events ( & i took at least 25 shots at target 21 on saturday on 50x mag ) & when hit the target fell cleanly . ( i also know that you knocked it down in the comp prior to it being pulled ) .What i did notice whilst shooting at it was that my pellets were striking 10 -12 mm low ( possibly due to the air density over water ) so anyone mis ranging the target on the lowside ( it was 41 yds away ) may have split or dropped out at 6 oclock .?..
How many times did you miss the kill then Andy as I saw you shoot it at least 4 times when it didn't fall ? its also interesting that the photo I took as you were shooting it clearly shows the misses on the faceplate, the number of misses doesn't add up to the number of people who scored a 1 before it was called & the number of shots you missed it, i don't know how many shooter missed it after it was pulled.

Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
With regards to the target checking system , when our chairman went out to check num 21 target he knocked it over 3 consecutive times with the target checker held in 2 hands but when the chief marshall went out to check it, he firstly dopped the checker in the muddy water & then proceeded to try & knock it over holding the checker in 1 hand & it wouldnt go over ..
Whilst we prefer two hands to be used on the target checker during operation sometimes it is difficult, personally walking across a muddy bank & pond on a aluminium ladder isn't exactly safe so I'm not surprised he used one hand.

Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
One other instance i was witness too was on the very first shot at a particular target when a shooter 'called' the shot .It happened on the nextlane to me so i said to the marshall , ' to save stopping the shoot let me have a look with my gun & 50 mag scope ) which was beside me . This i did & could clearly see a split pellet at 1 oclock . I told the shooter this but they still insisted on the target being checked , stopping the whole shoot in the process & setting the trend for that session .
I'll have a look at the high res picture I have when I get home as I was in the third group to shoot that target & the only miss was almost an inch above the killzone, Strangely enough one of the second group said he thought he'd hit the target & didn't call it but there was clearly only one mark on the faceplate when I took my shot in the third group.

When it comes down to it the Chief Marshal tested the target as best he could whilst balancing on a ladder over a muddy pond, in his opinion the target was faulty & he therefore pulled the target as no viable alternative was available, maybe this is something hosting clubs should consider when choosing target & target positions, if there is a problem with a target that can't be easiliy accessed or the design means it cant be replaced then unfortunately the target will be pulled.

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