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The alligator target was faulty. It apparently did not perform the same way for all shooters.

The alligator target was pulled whilst I was waiting to shoot that peg. Of the 3 shooters on the peg, shooter 1 was uncertain whether they had missed the kill. The 2nd shooter was certain he had got the kill but the target did not fall, the Marshall asked him if he wanted to call the target. He said that if the 3rd shooter had problems then yes. The 3rd shooter also thought he had hit the kill but the target did not fall. The target was then called. If it hadn't been I would have called it as seeing 3 previous shooters with a problem I would not have relished my chances.

The Marshall used the target checker 3 times and the target did not fall. The target was then pulled.

I shot the alligator target just to maintain timing between pegs. The target fell.

Unfortunately the target couldn't be changed as it was a special. I say unfortunate because the target was imaginative and the setting was excellent. Just a pity the target didn't perform.

How many times that particular target was called I don't know but I do know it was not performing as it should.