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Default Unsporting behaviour

CONNER you are the only one here who is embarrassing yourself,we agreed before that these matters would be dealt with internally but as usual you can never be trusted to keep your word as a man,Greg never tried to get you banned from shooting,you brought this upon yourself by your judas behaivour in Hungary and your attempts to blackmail the NI TEAM...As far as the Club insurance,i was waiting for all membership forms to be completed(still waitting for yours)i am responsable for the delay and have apologized to the Club for this, but as usual you expect your apology to be in can not be trusted to ever tell the truth and we never know what to expect from you.As regards girlfriends and babysitters this two femeals are fully ensured members and have renewed their membership this year and this was a very low thing to say...this will be my only tread on this internal matter what i have to say to you i will say it to your face unlike you,,,,I wish i didn"t have to discuss this in public but i had no choice,now if you have something else to say to your fellow shooters say it to their faces like a man does....I HAVE NO MORE TIME FOR YOUR NONSENSE
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