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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Let's get one thing straight guys, there will not be an penalties for calling target at UKAHFT events.

If you start penalising people for calling a target you may as well just outlaw the calling of target altogether which would mean that faulty targets could ruin everyone's day & have an effect on the outcome of the competition. We currently have the fairest system possible in that called target are fairly checked using the target checker. Each target called is noted by the chrono marshal, together with the outcome & the name of the shooter who called the target, if at the end of the year any shooter seems to have called more than their fair share that were found to be working then we have a word with them.

If you have a number of people calling targets on a regular basis as seems to be the case from what one regular well know successful UKAHFT shooter mentioned at the weekend then you won't have anyone standing out to have a word with as it will just be the norm.

I really enjoyed both courses but the number of targets called took the edge off it for me.
Taking well over 3 hours to shoot 30 targets is a joke.

I witnessed people trying it on to just to hopefully gain an extra point, they are cheating themselves and spoiling it for everyone else