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Originally Posted by strangefroot View Post
one particular target was called so many times that the chief marshall thought it best to pull the shot from the course thus awarding every competitor with 2 points for it .The majority of stoppages were in the 1st session which added at least 1 hour to it , compared with the afternoon session .

Hi Andy,

Strange that your own Chairman PM'd me earlier in the week & said that the Crocodile was only called twice before it was pulled ?? I've asked for the details of all the called targets at Anston & will post them here as soon as I have them.

There's no doubt that a minority of our shooters call targets when they miss in the vain hope to get a kill awarded but to be awarded the kill the target needs to fail the target checking other words the target actually does have to be in effect this is by far the fairest method.

However when clubs use novelty targets in none accessible positions our chief marshal has very little choice to pull a target that he deems faulty.

Since we have started using the target checker we replace faulty targets so only the person who called the target can possibly gain an advantage & then only if the target fails the target checker, in addition to this a target that is called repeatedly is replaced even if it passes the target checker.