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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
In 2008 I called 13 targets in 1 year (my first season), 9 of those were correctly called,
Blimey....where are you the 3 years i have been competing i have shot at aprox 3080 targets in competition alone never mind fun shoots and club shoots and never come accross a faulty target perhaps the clubs you are visiting need to do something about target maintainance. The club i shoot at the targets are greased on regular basis and tested when put out... We even have a set of strings just for competitions to reduce breakages. When we put targets out possible awkward points for marshalling we make a special point of testing the target by one person pushing the paddle and another person at the peg end pulling the string....this is performed around 30 - 40 times then tested again on the day a few times. We used our targets for a gp a winter league several opens and various other shoots through the year and i cant recall one ever been called.