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In 2008 I called 13 targets in 1 year (my first season), 9 of those were correctly called, 4 were not. Should I forfeit my points for those shots?

Every shooter has the right to have a target checked and to be honest, it is quite rare for there to be more than 6 or 7 stoppages in each round. The reason there was a delay at Anston, was because of where the alligator target was. It was not easily accessible and the marshals had to be very careful not to take a bath when checking it. (Greg hensman did fall partially in the water/mud)

It was a great target though and I must admit that I was upset that I did not get to shoot it. I hope it is back next year.

The UKAHFT has some of the best shooters in the country taking part and I would personally be very upset if a punitive measure was brought in to punish a shooter who believed a target was faulty.

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