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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post

Your embarrasing yourself now Greg AND shown your true colours Stop pulling or else spit it out, i have ran out of line on my reel.

Too occupied about changing rules to suit yourselves, your babysitters and girlfriends that you took on members didn't renew their membership insurance them. You and the rest of your club members were shooting uninsured for 5 months

Did you tell your many friends on the FT circuit you attempted to ban me shooting

I look forward to seeing the two new sets of gary cane woodwork arriving for you and your mate The only thing you both need now is ginger hair dye
Conor can l take it by your lack of denial to my previous points that you agree the following -
You feel that you can turn up to a shoot and try to antaganist people, and dont have to pay a fee for the privilage.
You like to tell us how good you are and in the process are disrespectful to fellow shooters.
You now understand how the current league is not a NIFTA league.
You also understand why there were no NIFTA league shoots for a period.

Now to answer your current thread.
Going by your use of 7 you seem to think this is a laughing matter and that somehow l should be embarrassed Nothing embarrassing about the truth.

Changing rules to suit myself - I have attached current rules for viewing. I would be interested in any comments as to why there is a problem with them.

Your babysitters, girlfriends bit - totally lost on this one - doesn't make sense.

Shooting 5 months uninsured - Totally agree with this. When you emailed me ref this issue l stated l would look into it. I contacted the person who deals with insurance and they admitted they had made a mistake. I immediately sent 2 emails to everyone including yourself apologising on behalf of the club. The person involved had it sorted tne next day. I told you i would deal with the issue and l did. I dont understand why you now have to raise it on the thread when it was sorted (to make us look bad???)

I did indeed explain to my many friends (dont understand need for sarcastic roll eyes) the reason for the ban and am more than happy to go into the detail here if you wish. A clue would be Hungary/NIFTA/Team

Two new sets of Gary Cane woodwork? I assume you mean that because you told us on Sunday you were such a top shot held in high esteem and lots of shooters were switching to Gary Cane bits because of you that you feel we will do like wise and contribute to the commission you feel you deserve. Sorry to dissappoint you.

Ginger hair dye? - i dont have a problem going grey naturally no need for hair dye. If you feel you want to do it work away.

Now can l request two things.

Can you please send us your completed membership application form. We are drawing up a rota for course setup at our club as well as work parties for cutting of grass/maintenance and want to include all members. Closing date for final applications is sun 3rd July.

[B]Can we agree to continue this at a face to face meeting at club premises. a yes or no reply to this thread will suffice. I think enough has been aired in public/B]

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