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Thanks for all the positive comments about the ukahft round that was held at anston on saturday . A special 'thumbs up' must go the campers that stayed over on friday & saturday nights & managed to leave the camping area spotless . You are a credit to airgunning , cheers ...
On the saturday evening & all day sunday the course was left out for the campers & also our club members to pitch their skills against .Throughout these sessions every target worked faultlessly but in the comp proper , one particular target was called so many times that the chief marshall thought it best to pull the shot from the course thus awarding every competitor with 2 points for it .The majority of stoppages were in the 1st session which added at least 1 hour to it , compared with the afternoon session .
Quite a few shooters were very disgruntled by the amount of stoppages & a lot were saying that it happens at most of the rounds .
This got a few of us talking over what could be done to eliminate the majority of stoppages & the best idea we came up with was :
Anyone that disputes a target that has'nt fallen & consequently has the target checked by a marshall & that target is deemed to be working ok has to forfeit all points for that particular shot !
What do you think ?