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Conor, to be quite honest l am totally fed up with your constant antagonism and whinging on a public forum. It was made clear by both clubs that we would raise any concerns face to face and discuss but you are obviously not capable of this. I have decided to reply to this with some facts so you know where we stand.
At the league shoot on Sunday you had ample oppertunity to ask any questions but instead you turned up in your Hungary Team Wales hoodie asked me for a card, did not pay any entry fee (this is not the first time this has happened). You proceeded during the shoot to blow about how you could have won the NEFTA shoot by at least 4 more shots using your big nikko, how lots of shooters were changing to gary cane bits for the steyr because of you and you should be asking him for commission, as well as stating that if you attached a lollipop to the end of your gun the guys over there would do likewise because of you. I find this disrespectful to those who you shoot with at the gp's and NEFTA classic. I have met world champions at weston and world events who would never do this, who are very down to earth and would do anything to help others. You continually say the shooters over there are laughing at us over here and think we are a bunch of muppets - what reason do they have to do this unless they are being fed information by someone (i wonder who?) I have been contacted by shooters l have come to know from shooting at Weston and world events asking what is going on and have been surprised by what they have told me they heard.

You want to know why there have been no NIFTA events - After you tried to blackmail the clubs by stating you would not shoot for NIFTA in Hungary unless we agreed to change the rules to bfta rules (Even thought the clubs had democratically agreed a set of rules) and then proceeded to try and shoot for Wales in Hungary NIFTA held a meeting and decided on a course of action. As you rightly stated at the time the process was flawed (the reason for it was not) and l informed both clubs that NIFTA be put on hold as mid ulster club wanted to revise and amend its constitution and rules to ensure in future this would not happen. It was agreed by both clubs that there would be no further NIFTA shoots untill further notice. We have had the mid ulster amendments in place for quite a while and new membership application forms issued which you have never completed dispite reminders.

When mid ulster were approached by Co Down to start the league again l asked that NIFTA be kept out of the name and to run the league as summer league, field target league or inter club league in order to keep NIFTA from being dragged through the mud if someone had a gripe. Also we had hunter shooters shooting in a NIFTA (Northern Ireland FIELD TARGET Association) which is not set up for hunter.

As for your confusion ref the results l have posted here the clue is in the Name NORTHERN IRELAND FIELD TARGET ie Northern Ireland is where, field target is the discipline and the results are for the league. As far as l am aware the word Association as in NIFTA is not mentioned.

I would like to apoligise to my collegues in both clubs if this clarification has offended but l feel l need to set the record straight and move on. NIFTA members have a lot of friends which we meet at the big shoots and we really enjoy attending the events. To those who have contacted me and have spoken to me personally l would like to thank you for your words of support.
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