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Default BFTA GP5: Dumfounded in Dumfermline

BFTA GP5: Dumfounded in Dumfermline

News travels fast, and Dave and the Dunfermline crew had been busy making sure this wouldn't be the 2nd Grand Prix to be cleared this year.

A battery of 50+ yd shots, with 3 standing lanes and kneelers set to test, met the visiting shooters from all parts of the UK, including Northern Ireland. Not content with the same layout as last year, the course was reset to run in the opposite direction as the two previous Scottish GP's.

A light breeze prevailed, and even though most coped with the various angles of fire, the light and dark targets, a seemingly innocent breeze cut deep into the scores. Many were lulled into a false sense of security at one end, only to have their scores robbed at the other. Just trying to get used to what didn't make sense wasn't working either, as the same breeze took entire kills at 45 yds at one end, and yet didn't move a pellet at 55 at the other. There was only one part of the course that made sense to me, sadly it was only a third of it.

In the morning, Andy Gillott started strong holding onto 1 or 2 misses for most of the course, until it took it's toll leaving him with 42 and allowing Neale Daniels to squeeze past on 44. Andy Calpin however led the charge on 46, seemingly in line for his first GP win of the season. But it wasn't to be... in A grade, Andrew Luckley on his 2nd ever GP was the one to claim the win with 47. A staggering achievement, especially considering the closest A grader came in with 39. Despite several attempts in the afternoon, no one could come close, not in A, or AA.

So after 2 near misses this season, an A grader has now won a GP. To be honest I'm glad i'm in AA!

The scores (for those that want to look) are up here... and Dave has promised some pics to be posted later.

Some personal stats, it took 75 litres of fuel, 535 miles at 70.7 mph average to discover just how much there is still to learn about FT, and another 75 litres, 535 miles at 70.4 mph average on the way back to take the gun, the pellets and the scope off the list of suspects and find the real culprit behind what went wrong. Me.

Next year...I will have my revenge Davey, I will

Byley next... we're only 1/2 way through the season, and i'm really starting to wonder what we have in store for the other 1/2.
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