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Yes, weeellll, nice to have you as a shooting partner today Simon.

You must have provoked me into a better than normal result for this season so many thanks for that

The HFT was my mistake I grant you. Some folk will know that I teach a bunch of teenagers shooting every Wednesday, and last week I let them use my S400 that is my HFT gun. Unbeknown to me, one of them had re-zeroed the scope out to 40 yards....... thanks very much you little bleeper, now I know why I missed the first two targets completely over the top of the plate........ But no time to re-zero so finished the course with guessed POAs for all the other ranges.

The scores have gone out to the usual recipients and I expect they will be on here shortly.

The five qualifiers for the SWEFTA showdown from this round are Trevor Bray (30) Helen England (31) Keith Mainey (32) and me (32)

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