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I was one of the shooters who commented about the white face plate/silver kill and surrounding area issue following the Wendover shoot.

It is pleasing to note that the organising commitee are interested to hear our views and will hopefully take our thoughts in mind in the future.

As Ray stated earlier in the thread, at Rivington we prefer to shoot matt yellow face plates with a bright red kill zone, although we have recently started using black. I think many of the posters have come up with a variety of possibilities concerning how to reduce the problem of "silvering" from around the kill zone. This is obviously more of a problem with a white face plate than with yellow once its been battered following a fair few missess.

I thought the solution concerning the "special" treatment of the kill zone paddle strike zone with something other than good old spray paint is worthy of consideration.It appears to me that a concesus has been reached regarding the face plates in future being painted yellow.

I acknowledge how difficult it is to ensure that every shooter gets a fair chance of at least identifying their target. As one of the shooters who regualrly missess the kill zones, I suppose it is up to the likes of myself to reduce the number of missess and make life a bit easier for those of us who always find ourselves shooting in the second session.

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