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Default anston camping & shoot

Eyup again alan , just to fill you & the rest of the round 3 competitors of the ukahft shoot at our place this saturday .
It looks like we're gonna be' blessed ' with a spot or two of rain this saturday, but in all honesty i think it'll have to be a major monsoon to make the ground even boggy as its so dry on the site .
The course is more or less ready for the inspection by pete dutton around lunch time on friday , it is a fair old distance around the course from start to finish & uses a lot of virgin areas & obviously a few targets up in the' gods ' .to' keep yer on yer toes' .
We are having a' speed pairs' with a twist or two side shoot , which should be interestingly good fun .
Zeroing ranges are open all day friday if anyone wants or needs to check owt out .
cheers , calp ( see ya all sat morn )
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