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Been to the hospital today for an appointment with the oncologist, they weighed me first and i've put on 4.5kg since the first time they weighed me at the start of treatment in March. Still a couple of stone to put on yet to get to where i want to be. Everythings gone well so far according to the questions and answers with the oncologist and they've booked me in for a CT scan for next Wednesday with an MRI scan to follow when they arrange an appointment, then they'll all get together to talk about me behind my back and decide what needs doing and when.
Looks like it's going to be surgery sometime around the end of July at present, unless something in the scans says different, it's difficult for them to give specific answers, but i have been told that i'm going to have to rest up for three months after the op to let my stomach muscles no FT until at least October and definitely no ninja'ing for some time after that.
Looks like any chance of shooting in a GP or the "Boink" shoot is right out the window and the usual stint on the airgun ranges at the CLA and Weston park too...
Not to worry, plenty more shooting to be done after that, priority is winning this battle.
I'll still be about during the year and will no doubt be seeing some of you at the various shoots.
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