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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
ok then here goes

firstly can we stop making fun of simons team kit its not his fault that airarms use old imperial sizes
it is just not funny spandex was a big thing in the 70s/80s ,so come on and stop picking on the airarms team
did i mention how good our walther team gear is and it fits

i cannot put anyone single person forward for the 35 yard reducer up the tree as it was check by a few of us and as i hit it anyway

i have a few nominees

1. myself for going a turn out on a target i put out
2 bobby banks who also dialed the wrong
3.berty for telling me to meet him at wendover for 9.30 on saturday and then turning up at 13.00 hrs
4,scot i dont hand my card in robinson -- forgeting to give his card in
5 the company that did the airarms team kit
It seems the season isn't going so well for the Air Arms teams this year And I suspect the company that did the kit will not be getting repeat business. Having said that mine fits, must be the others that are a funny shape........................

The award should go to everyone daft enough to go out shooting yesterday.
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