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Default How do you get rid of the smell of petrol in under 24 hours...?

One of the gerry cans leaked on the way to the marina yesterday, and as I went straight to work, the litre of unleaded sloshing around in the boot of the estate soaked in nicely to the carpet which then dried, trickled through my bum bag and made new lifeforms out of the polystyrene balls inside, before finally settling into the spare tyre well, where it reacted nicely with the foam sound deadening and poured like crude sludge out of the drain hole onto the drive way.

It also collected H's fleece, which I hurridly put into the washing machine with all her other clothes. The ploy was to camoflague the disaster of the fleece's contamination with the added bonus of being seen to do 'something around the house'. Although I succeeded in lessening the aroma of "eau de persian gulf" on the fleece, i merely added it to all her other clothes in the machine. And the machine as well. Scored big points with that one I can assure you.

Having cleared up that mess i am just left with a slight aroma which causes cerebal bleeds within 2 mins with the windows up, and slight nervousness when ever i flick an electric switch.

Everything is dry, but it stinks... any clever ideas... i'm electing to nuke it with carpet cleaner, but not holding out much hope.

"She" has gone to her parents.
The bean bag is on it's 3rd rinse.
The windows of the car have been open for 4 hours, it's still not safe to smoke inside.

It's definitely shooting related because with me included, the 4 of us need the wagon to get to Wendover tomorrow afternoon for the GP.

If we turn up blue faced, staggering and bleeding from our noses you will know the efforts failed.

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