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Default Mini kills etc


I will be the first to say that I put the request forward for 15mm kills etc. I didnt ask for the must have 8 25mm kills though.

I asked for them to be added as alot of courses of full kills became too stupid distance wise and after travelling for hours just to shoot loads of 50+ yard 40mm kills it gets tedious and boring......

I can see peoples point of having 10 mini kills in the GP courses, sadly they are in for this year, as we have mentioned before bring your points up to your regional rep and then we can discuss them and get things changed. Im not a great fan of the combined distance rule for disciplines, we could put out some superb shots which would go over the new rule.

I do like the idea of maybe 3 lanes of standers and 3 kneelers etc, that puts a new angle on the courses. Alot of people on here have opinions as we all do, sad thing is no one likes to step upto the plate and make their points known when it is needed.

I have put alot forward to try and change the sport for a bit of an improvement, anyone can get involved and help out......

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