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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Personally like to see what other nations and shooters make of the FT game. QUOTE]

One of two two clubs within NiFtA have tried a new system this year.

Colour coded strings on the targets, i.e. different colour strings tied on at specific measured distances e.g. at 50yrds, a bright green colour is tied on.
On mini kills, out to 25yrds is a different colour than 35yrds. Makes rangefinding the more difficult longer targets a piece of ****, no need for an expensive March

Another is to cut the string off at a measured 40yrds for standers to ensure they can't go over distance.

Also on difficult targets there are little string windicators tied into strageic positions along the lane e.g. tied onto a tree and to make sure beside the target and a further one half way.

Conor, not sure if you're being serious or yanking my string here but shall we say some of the "purists" may have something to say about this!

What i've been trying to say, and i'm sorry if i've not been making myself clear is we dont just have AA shooters or C shooters at a GP, we have a SPREAD of shooters. If you make a course either ridiculously easy or ridiculously hard then you are ignoring that basic fact. There has to be something for everyone, that its NOT a case of everyone getting a good score, but everyone getting a FAIR score i.e. generally appropriate to their grades. That way you meet everyones needs and keep everyone interested. FT is NOT served well as a sport by 2 or 3 disgruntled shooters complaining because courses are not what they think it should be, but by full entry lists of happy shooters enjoying a great day with like minded people, that is what success looks like and this is what the last 3 GPs have looked like to me. What I do not want to see is a sport in decline because of a few wanting to dicate to the many. Nothing wrong with people having ideas, but take them to the committee and get them discussed properly!

As for the business of minikills personally (and this is a personal veiw) i like them. They add a new dimension to courses and allow meaninful use of the 10-35 yard range of the course, where a 40mm kill may be a bit too easy. Also being smaller more care has to be taken with them, you have to be more discerning where you place the shot. They also stop courses becoming a boring one dimensional slog of 50+ yard targets which only test one part of the skill base.
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