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[QUOTE=Willbe;63740]Personally like to see what other nations and shooters make of the FT game. QUOTE]

One of two two clubs within NiFtA have tried a new system this year.

Colour coded strings on the targets, i.e. different colour strings tied on at specific measured distances e.g. at 50yrds, a bright green colour is tied on.
On mini kills, out to 25yrds is a different colour than 35yrds. Makes rangefinding the more difficult longer targets a piece of ****, no need for an expensive March

Another is to cut the string off at a measured 40yrds for standers to ensure they can't go over distance.

Also on difficult targets there are little string windicators tied into strageic positions along the lane e.g. tied onto a tree and to make sure beside the target and a further one half way.

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