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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
so 3 sessions?

if you have 20 lanes, 3 shooters, 4 sessions, that's 240 shooters. But each session would need about 2.5 hours, so by the time all done with spraying and stoppages, say 3 hours. That's a start at 9 am and finish at 6 pm if all goes well.

could work, but there's no slack if something goes wrong... everything needs to be very tight.
Holly, your rite it should have always have stayed at 40mm kill zones. FT has been allowed to bow down to other countries whims and fancies after all it is a British sport and we started it . How far are you all prepared to let it go. I have from a reliable source heard that the Mongolian's will be entering an 8 man team in 2013 on horses. They think they can do do shots from horseback. They are training in now ,with the very latest kit.

Rob , re the above it would be nice to get home from the GPs on Monday,if all goes well not tuesday.
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