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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
Besides, how can you say you are bored with the mini kills after only 3 rounds
I got p..ed off with them after 4 lanes on first GP and did hit them, just boring. 1 in every 4 shots 'has to be' less than 35 yards just on the small kill rule alone excluding any others slapped out.
If i want to shoot that range i would do at home but never have done or ever will do.

FT GP series has took a backwards this year with too many rules. What should have been done is scrap max distances on the type of shot to raise the game. This being done by course builders at their discretion making the most of the available ground! That s the enjoyment after all what do we do FT for?

Theres many countries using 6ft/lb rifles, hence the use of mini kills.

I dont have a problem with minis as such, now if they were at decent ranges to make what FT is about then yes.
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