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Originally Posted by Dale View Post
Are you being serious with this statement?
Yes, I believe he is serious Dale, he was in Hungary as was I, with each 50 target course containing 50% mini kills i.e. 25 mini kills and they were used in both standing and kneeling.

The reason we were told is that they don't experience wind deep in the Hungarian forests which was true, on the second day I dinked three 55yrd targets for a 47, I gave outside edge and split same edge (no wind) Courses would have been clearered wholesale.
Back in 2003 in germany the story was the same, deep coniferous forest no wind, loads of mini kills.

Put 25 mini kills, 8 or so 15mm the rest 25mm and use them in discipline lanes on last years Europeans course and 12 ex 50 would be decent shooting for AA
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