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Default Give it a chance.

Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
As for the mini kills , i think there a good mix in there now mini kills have been introduced don't forget that GP's are for everyone of all abilitys & grades and yet no one has cleared anything course wise as yet since this rule change ? , so far the wind has been favorable but again there's still misses on the face plates ? If the kits set up correctly then granted they are hitable.
Exactly my thought as well. Whilst I have only done 1 GP so far (a wedding and me mucking up the dates for the second ), the course was interesting as there is more variation. Besides, how can you say you are bored with the mini kills after only 3 rounds.

My personal thoughts are that if you make it, as you say Holly, 40 hard targets would that not mean that majority of the targets would become long and then 'samey' apart from the differnt grounds. Whilst I can see you are wanting harder targets it could then have the reverse effect of driving shooters away as the courses would become similar again.

The introduction of the 15mm kills has added a different element to the mix, yes a small kill at sub 10 yds is blurry but then its a case of the shooter adapting for these. I have some thoughts that I will be forwarding to my regions rep in a month or two after I have completed a few more GP's
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