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Default My Opinion for what it's worth

My opinion for what it's worth !

As for the mini kills , i think there a good mix in there now mini kills have been introduced don't forget that GP's are for everyone of all abilitys & grades and yet no one has cleared anything course wise as yet since this rule change ? , so far the wind has been favorable but again there's still misses on the face plates ? If the kits set up correctly then granted they are hitable.

The Euro's last year for example when it blew like a ******* ? now mini kills in that extremity of wind would have split the field wide open, the wind on the second day opened the leader board up anyway.

The use of mini kills abroad is purely based on the fact they don't have the wind / weather we have in the uk and yes they are trying to catch the big hitting British boys, like Mr Taylor , Calps , Ozzy, Gilly , Neil , James Woodhead , John Costello , Berty ,Doz, Connor etc etc etc etc ( sorry if i missed anyone)............ but there's nothing wrong with that ,hard competition is good it raises your game.

Extending GP's to 3 sessions ? not for me thanks, why 3 sessions anyway ?

And regarding is it easy ? No it's not in my opinion for what it's worth !
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