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i think that the yellow faceplates are the best by far , as for targets beingshot up so bad you cant see them .... i use a 3-12x44 viper , many say these scopes have poor optics but i cant remember looking at a target that was so badly shot up i couldnt make out the kill, if you give the string a tug the paddle flips and you see the kill . but i have shot a target thinking its a 35mm kill but it was more like 25mm and missed but if i had taken the time to give the string a tug i wouldve seen this so thats completely my fault not the fault of the target or the paint . i think the the uk rounds are spot on as they are , clubs have enough to worry about when setting courses making sure targets are serviced , grounds are made ready for everyone surely having to worry about flaky paint is a bit much to be asking as who can stop it happening ? paint chips ... Even if u anodised them or powder coated them the same thing would happen

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