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Alutec Walther Dominator with Murphy screw in cylinder, Anschutz butt hook, Deben 10-50 x 56 non-IR on nice blocks made by Jon. I think I've finaly learnt this gun's habits and the scope is practically a lazer range-finder - totally my fault from here on in!

1984 vintage Venom Laza HW77 with muzzle break, re-blue and CS1000 stock, MK1 Custom Shop which I've had since 1994!

10m FWB p70 Universal; which almost never gets used.

FWB Sport 124 MK3, mint. Roger Moy super tune, Tasco AG 4 x 40.

Gloss Black Ripley AR5S in CS1000 Universal with 8-40 x 56 Custom Shop.


Venom Tyrolean Vulcan, Nikko Gold Crown 6 x 40. Nightmare gun, pants.

Walther LGR Universal.
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