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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
You tend to find a lot of clubs do prepare their targets, if you take Treetops for example all those targets were completely stripped of paint & resprayed but you can still get some flaking.

Was your trial undertaken with similar shooter numbers to a UKAHFT national & was it 2 sessions, I'm wondering if we are getting more of a problem in the 2nd session when you have another layer of paint on the faceplate, some of it on top of bare metal & some on the morning session paint.
Yes for the LV UK round I did and the Southern Hunter, I repainted both with the same Halfords satin, I don't remember any significant flaking only some moaning about a "Kneel or Stand" sign


But as I said and Rob reiterated, the heavy wire rotary gives a good key for the primer, I wonder if etching primer as used for ally would be any better - all we need is a metallurgist to tell us if it will etch the steel plate
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