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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
I wonder if paint thickness is a contributing factor, when we paint the targets we tend to go a bit overboard to make sure they are nice & bright, maybe a thicker layer has a greater the tendancy to flake.
If the base surface is rougher, before any paint is applied, flakes tend to be smaller... but you can get some big flakes on first paint, even being sparing, because the flake has more strength across it than it's adheration to the base layer... roughening the base layer creates folds in the paint, which are weak points, and limit the flake size...

it's a bit like scoring glass and smashing it... you get different size peices.

try cleaning the plate with a heavy rotary wire so it's scored and then painting... but to be honest, mini kills will always end up quite blank... even 40 and 45's do if everyone keeps missing on the same side.... the only thing i have ever thought of is making the kill out of a different metal, something like brass, which should resist greying up against the colour of a blank plate... but i suspect brass might be too soft?
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