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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
As a club Rivi use Yellow Line paint for the faceplates and fluorescent red for the kills. After a lot of testing most people found this the best option.

On a personal basis I found the targets at Treetops both easy to find and when shot up, enough contrast left between the now silvery colour of the kill and the yellow faceplate.

With Wendover I found that the white faced targets were more difficult to find (that could have been placement/conditions) and when the kill was shot up difficulty in differentiating the silvery kill from the white faceplate.

Overall I prefer the yellow faceplates and black kill out of the available options. I also think it important that UKAHFT do stipulate the colours to be used to ensure conformity.

Hi Ray,

I have to agree that I prefer Yellow faceplates, I know we recently painted our HFT targets at Redfearns white instead of the usual yellow & some shooters couldn't see the white targets on the floor amongst the bluebells.
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