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Originally Posted by A458 View Post
I agree that we have problems with paint flaking off from both the kill zone and the area around it, especially when the view is not in focus such as 15mm kills within 15 yards, as we all know we are unable to focus these closer targets and when you are the last of a large number who have just missed the kill, it becomes a problem. If the smaller kill zones within 15 yards could be repainted after say 10 groups have shot, then less misses may occur; but if we do this, then others may want targets at other distances also repainting, which will cause additional time for the session. Finding the correct non-flaking paint seems the best answer, but as I miss most I'm a fine one to talk! Good luck with a solution.
Yeh, repainting target during a session is a non starter as someone will always be at a disadvantage so we'd end up having to repaint the targets for every shooter.
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