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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
So would that be option 4 then Rog ???

I think that is part of the problem that clubs hosting a UKAHFT national tend to use newish targets & they seem worse for flaking, I can remember setting the American side of an Anglo american where we used brand new 15 & 25mm nockover targets & the paint flaked off in huge pieces when missed.
Yes and no, generally no problem at all but now and again a close shot up reducer can be very hard to make out, Pete, white and yellow, as I said, for fast target finding, and I think this has really helped speeding up the sessions, but once the paints off the important areas, it makes not a bit of difference to taking your shot.
When you're aiming, you're looking at the kill and the area around it, the very part where the paint goes off
Like I said, if you prepare the targets carefully the finish lasts a hell of a lot longer, but it's a right pain to do it.

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