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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
My thanks to Griggsy who taught me that when you think alls going well S*it can fall out of a blue sky when you least expect it.That course clear in those conditions was amazing to watch "not so good when your shooting against him".I told you ,you peeked too soon ; HERX77 .
gota say mike mate thanks for a great shoot round. you know aswell as me in those conditions its alot of luck and i did get ALOT on that course lol , but many thanks to ian , cleve , ray , and anyone else who spent the coming weeks preparing the comp for us all to enjoy and i must say what a top job it was too , also a very big well done to alex a nice win for you mate , were all very pleased for you .well done to kyle who finally realised pcp is the way forward lol and finally must say i shot round with dave wellam ( sorry if spellings wrong ) for 4th or 3rd what a top bloke he is . rinsed me in shoot off , fair play to you mate i think i couldve stood all day trying to knock that stander down lol

a great weekend and i cant belive we gota wait a year to shoot it again

see you all at the double
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