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Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
the problem we have that we (as ft shooters and course builders )will never be able to please all the people all of the time ,i undestand the frustation when you have a reducer in a stupid place like up a tree that is moving ,
i my view the the courses we have shot in the last 3 gps have been quite good apart from a few niggles over tawd vale ,
when a course is built it needs to set out to get the best out of the land and shooters .i know some grounds struggle with distance so reducers would be the way to go ,

i have a my own 40 shot course and i am constantly moving things about to get the best out of it ,i dont mind 15mm kills of 25mm kills as they offer something different but it should be a case of you can use them not have to ,if the sport goes down the road of pushing people and shooters away then that also needs to be looked into .
we have from 8 to 25 yards for 15mm kills and up to 35 for 25 mm kills ,i think thats fine as long as they are sensibly placed ,
like i have said before i would bring in 25 kills up to 35 yards for kneelers of increase the distance for full size kneelers ,
Sounds perfectly reasonable Mike, again illustrates what I mean by balance. As you said, apart from a few distance issues on some of the disciplines at tawd they have been good courses. Think the intention with the reducers was to reintroduce balance to courses that had become distance heavy.
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