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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
The introduction of the 15 and 25mm targets have put a good balance to the courses, GP1 put them out just right but in my opinion GP2 fell in to the trap of not only maximum distance but up trees as well. The course builder has 8 yards to 35 yards to work with so please use it, dont just walk out to 25 yards and plonk a 15mm out.The top scores so far this season are high but i think the courses are more interesting, A posible tweek for next season would be to have six 25mm plus two 15mm targets and six standers the same as kneelers and have a maximum distance of 40 yards for standers and 45 yards for kneelers.
Cheers Ian.
I think you could push kneelers further out... to say 50, or even 55 yds. I know when I am right on a kneeler it's almost as good as a sitter, or certainly those from a couple of years ago were on par, but 45 yds gives me a lot of room for error. Although I've only missed one on a GP series this year, they haven't been cracking shots... further range would expose that. Might mean the others could be brought in or placed with more interest then?

As ever, the secret seems not to be in what is done, but how it's done... course building is a black art... can't just be done by numbers. I'll guess i'll be judged come August 28th
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