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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Winning scores from 2010 were pretty impressive

Event Region Club Top Score
GP1 NWFTA Tawd Vale 50
GP3 WAFTA Tondu 44
GP4 SARPA Westfield 44
GP5 NEFTA Anston 45
GP6 MFTA Castle 50
GP7 SWEFTA East Devon 48
GP8 CSFTA Bisley 49
GP9 FFTA Sywell 45

Rob please show me how to table text; sorry to ask again!

So you could that so far this year then the results 'seem' to show the courses are easier, however my thoughts when setting up a course (for Winter anyway) is that AA will drop a couple of targets, A about 4, B about 8 and C about 12.

The scores of each GP so far seem to be around those figures for each grade. Ian's comment about the courses being more interesting was true for Newbury. Its been quite a few years since the lower part has been used.

Rob's comment of the 25mm and 15mm being daunting was true as well both were at 'gettable' distances but being at the top of a hill you know that the wind could have been different directions for each target.

With setting out courses it usually falls to a few within a club but our club has found that by encouraging other members involved in setting just one or two lanes can lead to something that had never been though of before or targets that get you thinking.
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