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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
However there is, as far as I can see, no mention of a maximum target distance so you could get on a standing lane a 10yd and a 50yd target.

Andy, the maximum restriction of 45 yards still applies.

BFTA Main Shoot Rules - number 7
No enforced positional shots shall be set beyond a distance of 45yds.

regards Shaun
My apologies then Shaun as I was reading the GP rules and did not see then line above that mention the Main Shoot Rules. But then I can not even read a big no 13 next to a target and shot that 2nd rather than 1st on Sunday to busy enjoying the day and banter with the rest of my shooting partners (Jerry and Roy) who I let know that I had shot out of order so they would not.

Looking forward to the Wendover GP which I believe is completely new to everyone.

With regards the higher scores, was there not a clear last year along with the rest of them mid to high 40's. I am only trying to remember from previous threads on last years GP's, which is probably wrong with my bad memory
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