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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
I was at the meeting that voted in the new rules.

I don't have a vote.

The 15mm reducers were voted: for 6 and against 1 (MFTA).

The 25mm reducers were voted: for 4 and 2 against (MFTA and WAFTA) and 1 abstension (NWFTA).

I think the must was required or else there was no requirement to change. There was also a desire for consistency across the GP series.

The changes were voted in for one year and they'll be reviewed at the AGM.

I too am listening to shooters' views at the GPs but if their views are to be fully known then it is important that they are heard at the AGM in November.

If you have a view for change, or not, then attend your regional meeting so your BFTA rep knows what his/her region wants.

Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post

Those in the BFTA are never going to be able to satisfy all of its members but they are volunteers and try to make decisions that they believe will bring the shooters and competitions forward. However they can only do what they think is best with the information they are informed of.
Tis the way to do it. Your reps are there for you. Use them. Something has been tried, and the route is there for feedback

I will be voicing my opinion (as I don't have a vote either) to my rep before the meeting. It's nice to see a thread without the knickers getting twisted, and the comments constructive.

As for the increase in high scores, well I remember a few years ago, Marc Fisher blowing most of the field away with a 37 ex 50 in 30mph wind and rain at Millride, with a springer. That was just staggering, with 39 being the highest score. It perhaps set the tone then, that in the worst conditions for a long time, with 1/2 of it being in a field, a springer could still wack most of the course.

I think over the past years since i've started shooting it's got harder each year, but the shooting has got better, down to knowledge and effort. The silhouettes have always been at the same ranges, yet we are seeing close to clears it seems more often.

There has been a stretch between entry level and the top end. Remembering my first national comps, I think the courses back then were easier, yet the skills weren't so refined. Technical aspects have come on as well. People know about the kit and the shooters, and know what is capable. I cannot see a C-grader like me making the showdown year 1 with a 37 against 42 at a low attendance Swefta shoot... cripes, for a couple of years i used to drive to Scotland to try and qualify as a AA! It still took me 6 years to win a GP outright.
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