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Originally Posted by sculleymarsh View Post
with regards to the below, what sort of money are we talking for this set up? how long would that last me before I would need to upgrade? how does that compare to a Mk4 with electronic trigger etc? am I really better holding out until I can afford a good deal on a Mk4 with scope etc and then be done for a fair period of time? or do you think this would be a good set up to start with for the money and that I wouldn't notice the electronic side at my level?

Many thanks

That MK3 (FTR) compares very well with pretty much any MK4 and as you seem to like the electronics your in luck as MK3's are also electronic, unless you really wanted to you would not need to upgrade, its more than capable of competing at the very top. Think its up for 675 but I'm sure Paul would listen to a reasonable offer, basically for what you would pay for a new MK4 (1120 new at BAR gun only), you could get a MK3, Scope & Bottle and have enough change for the 10,000 pellets you'll go through in the first week.

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